Welcome to Dr Mike Lambourne’s Dental Rooms

From January 16th, 2017, Dr Michael Lambourne’s dental surgery has moved, ‘just around the corner’, to a wonderful new suite of rooms located at:


Glen Iris Dental
2 Hyslop Street
Glen Iris
Phone: 03 9889 4676 and 9809 1925

For emergencies, contact Michael’s new partner, Dr Anthony Apostalakis, at the same rooms on 03 9809 2555.


Your dental health is our top priority.  A healthy mouth ensures a healthy body!  With Dr Mike Lambourne and his team of hygienists, dental nurses and reception staff, you receive a highly personalised, unique and gentle service, in our caring, warm and friendly environment.

Research has now proven that healthy teeth and gums are critical in creating and maintaining your healthy body.

After your consultation with Dr Mike, you receive a good appreciation of what is happening in your mouth.  With this knowledge, he helps you choose your best course of treatment and maintenance that will keep your teeth pain-free, functional and attractive for life.

Mike listens to your concerns and caters to your special, individual needs.  With you, he will plan your best course of action for your dental health and you will proceed with that plan together.  To gain and maintain a healthy body, you require a healthy, fresh and well-maintained mouth.  The mouth has the largest concentration of body bacteria and, as it is the gateway to your body; as such it must be in excellent health.

We are a flexible practice and offer you all forms of dentistry.  Our services include naturopathic dentistry, crowns, bridges and implants, cosmetic dentistry, replacement of silver mercury fillings, root canal treatments and white fillings.

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So many adults have had bad dental experiences when they were young, often leading to a destructive pattern of avoiding health care professionals.  Without the necessary cleans and checkups, these adults usually find that when pain eventually drives them to an appointment, their problems require extensive treatment, costing them more time, money and pain.

That is why we prefer to see your child early; one of our worst nightmares is when a 7 year old child comes to us for the first time, absolutely terrified, having fallen and broken a tooth.  Treatment for them is much more traumatic than it would otherwise be if they were accustomed to our environment and we have already built a trusting relationship with them.

To find out more about dental care for children see >>> Children

Gentle Dental Care – a healthy body requires a healthy mouth

Dr Mike Lambourne 2 Hyslop Street, Glen Iris Vic 3146    Phone 03 9889 4676 and 9809 1925

Choosing a health care provider is one of the most important decisions you can make.  We have created this website for both current and prospective patients.  It includes specific information on our dental practice and our staff along with general information.  For more information please contact us.  We are available by appointment Monday – Thursday from 8.30am – 5.30pm.

Surgery Location

Dr Mike Lambourne
2 Hyslop Street
Glen Iris Vic 3146

Phone 03 9889 4676
and 03 9809 1925

Gentle Dental Care – a healthy body requires a healthy mouth

Gentle Dental Care

We specialise in gentle, dental care and cater for cowards!

Our focus is on healthy mouths and you receive the most appropriate treatment program for your individual needs.