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Six-monthly examination plus scale and clean
Our preventative dentistry involves thorough cleaning, scaling and gum work by qualified hygienists using fluoride and sealants.  At the end of the scale and clean, Mike examines yoru mouth to ensure there are no developing problems.

Crowns, bridges and implants
This is one of our major areas of expertise.  If you have lost teeth or have a tooth that is too weak to be repaired by a filling, we can fit a new porcelain (or gold) tooth over it that matches the shape and colour of your other teeth.  There are very good reasons to replace a missing tooth.

White fillings
This is a very popular service for people concerned about the look of their teeth and for those who do not want mercury in their body.  Although they do not last as long as mercury fillings, many people who have had health problems with silver/mercury fillings find that the white restorative material we replace them with are fine and cause no problems. 

Root canal treatment – endodontics
Root canal treatments are used in cases where the tooth is already dead, dying or abscessing.  We alleviate the pain and prevent further problems by removing the infection inside the tooth and sealing it from harmful bacteria.

Nitrous oxide sedative gas – ‘happy gas’
If you feel very anxious or tense about a procedure, we provide ‘happy gas’ for you.  A milder and safer alternative to general anaesthetic, this keeps you awake the entire time but makes you feel more relaxed.


Cosmetic options

Rehabilitations and reconstructions
These options are for people who have advanced collapse of their dental arches or are missing teeth.

Porcelain veneers
Veneers fit over the teeth in a similar way to how an artificial finger nail is attached.  This cosmetic procedure is permanent and creates dynamic changes to your smile.

These are a simpler version of veneers, made out of white filling material, which is matched to your tooth colour. Although they may not last long, they are an inexpensive alternative to veneers.

Closing gaps
We can help you to close any annoying gaps between your teeth, using a simpler adhesive procedure.

Tooth whitening
This is a treatment that you have control over; it may take place at any time and in your own home.  We make mini-mouth guards to fit over your teeth then give you the bleaching solution that you place in the guard and use on your teeth for one hour at a time.  This is simply repeated until you are happy with the colour change.  It is effective, non-abrasive and will not damage your teeth.

Stain removal
Many people are bothered by unsightly yellow, brown stains that have accumulated on their teeth or gums from things like tea, coffee and smoking.  Our special polishing technique succeeds in removing them where no amount of ordinary brushing would do so.

Building up worn teeth
Where the edges of the lower teeth have been worn down or stained over time, we can place in white fillings to make your smile bright again.

Smoothing over of biting edges
We will give you a more even smile by reducing the jagged surfaces.

We can help to perfect your teeth with braces or plates, available for both adults and children.

Fissure sealants
The hard to clean crevices in back molars can be filled-in to prevent decay from forming.  This is an especially good option for children.

Where crowns and bridges are unsuitable or undesired, we can fit partial dentures to your jaw.

Your teeth are too valuable to risk, so whenever you engage in contact sport, it is essential to have a properly fitted mouthguard.  We make individual mouthguards for all ages of people who play contact sport.

Emergency pain relief
If you are a client in trouble with pain, please call us during business hours and we can usually fit you in on that day.

Hygiene and Sterilisation

Gum disease is the #1 cause of adult tooth loss in Australia today – but you won’t have to worry as we have hygienists.

The most important aspect of dental care is not cosmetic dentistry.  It is promoting the saving of teeth by maintaining the supporting gums and jaw bone that hold teeth in a stable position.

Why is hygiene important?
There is no point in owning a wonderful mansion if its foundations are rotting and collapsing, and the beautiful house will soon be lost.  This anthology also applies to your mouth.  It is possible to have a superb set of teeth yet have infection in the gums that is painless and symptomless.

However, this infection is often eating away the bone support of your teeth.  This leads to advanced gum disease (gingivitis) and mobile, wobbly teeth that will eventually fall out over time.

It just doesn’t make sense to work hard at making your smile beautiful and balanced if the roots, gums and surrounding bones are in a mess, and can waste all of those efforts.

We believe that maintaining healthy gums is the very foundation of keeping your teeth clean for life and is probably the most important part of your ongoing dental care with us.

What does hygiene involve?
The key to avoiding these serious problems and keeping your teeth for life is oral health, which means that your gums are kept healthy and your teeath free from plaque and decay.  In your hygiene appointment, we will show you the best techniques to brush and floss your teeth at home.

However, no matter how careful and thorough your brushing is, over time, hardened calcium, tartar and plaque builds up on your teeth that can only be removed by a hygienist.  We begin the process using an ultrasonic scaling machine which vibrates the bulk of those deposits off your teeth.  We then replosih your teeth and coat them with extra strength fluoride solution which helps protect your teeth until your next appointment.

This regular maintenance allows your gums and jaw bone to better support your teeth and keep them in the right positions.

Who does hygiene?
A University Hygiene Diploma has been completed by all hygienists and so there are very few hygienists per capita in Australia.

We know that this may be the most important ongoing service we can offer, which is why we have two hygienists, Jo and Louise.

DentistryRest assured, our sterilisation is flawless!

We work hard to ensure that everything our clients come into contact with is clean and sterile.  We use the latest technology autoclaves, thoroughly clean and disinfect each room after use and use disposable instrument tips wherever possible.  Care is taken far beyond the Dental Board requirements of personal hygiene to protect both our clients and ourselves.

All metal instruments are placed in sealed bags and sterilised by heat and steam in our autoclave.

The things that we touch with our gloves such as x-ray machines and lights are wrapped in plastic that is replaced after each person to prevent cross-infection.

We all wear protective masks, gloves and glasses.  You are also provided with sunglasses to protect you while we are treating you.

Many of the items we use are disposable and thrown out after each clients.  These include needles, anaesthetic cartridges, syringes, suction tips, triplex air and water tips, gloves, masks, bibs and even hand pieces used by the hygienists.

Tools we may use…

DentistryTooth light
Officially called a “transillumination” device, it lights up the teeth from behind to expose any cracks, discolouration or decay areas in your mouth.

This machine is the latest technology in the field of dentistry.  It shine a laser light down into the grooves, pits and fissures of your teeth and alerts us to the presence of decay.

Bitewing X-ray
These x-rays allow us to see what is occurring between the teeth and under the gum line.  Usually they can show us any root canal problems and filling cracks that may be causing decay, low bone levels or abscesses.  Untreated, any of these problems will eventually cause teeth to fall out, gum disease and a lot of pain., so it is preferable to detect any problems early.

PA X-ray
These PA x-rays are also taken during the course of an appointment, to accurately see what is happening at the roots of the teeth.

Magnifying GlassesMagnifying Glasses
The binoculars on Dr. Mike’s glasses magnify his view by two and a half.  He uses them to enhance his accurate precision work.




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