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Your dental health is our top priority.  A healthy mouth ensures a healthy body!  With Dr Mike Lambourne and his team of hygienists, dental nurses and reception staff, you receive a highly personalised, unique and gentle service, in our caring, warm and friendly environment at their new surgery in Glen Iris, Melbourne.

Research has now proven that healthy teeth and gums are critical in creating and maintaining your healthy body.

After your consultation with Dr Mike, you receive a good appreciation of what is happening in your mouth.  With this knowledge, he helps you choose your best course of treatment and maintenance that will keep your teeth pain-free, functional and attractive for life.

Mike listens to your concerns and caters to your special, individual needs.  With you, he will plan your best course of action for your dental health and you will proceed with that plan together.  After each visit, you feel happy and confident about your dental hygiene program.

Your teeth will:
• Look and feel better
• Chew better
• Be easier to keep clean

To gain and maintain a healthy body, you require a healthy, fresh and well-maintained mouth.  The mouth has the largest concentration of body bacteria and, as it is the gateway to your body; as such it must be in excellent health.

We are a flexible practice and offer you all forms of dentistry.  Our services include naturopathic dentistry, crowns, bridges and implants, cosmetic dentistry, replacement of silver mercury fillings, root canal treatments and white fillings.

Dr. Michael Lambourne

Dr Mike (Lambourne) has been in dental practise in Melbourne for many years and has developed a special, caring family dental team to assist in catering for your dental needs.

We specialise in gentle, dental care and cater for cowards! Our focus is on healthy mouths and you receive the most appropriate treatment program for your individual needs.Mike graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Dental Science and has practised exclusively in Melbourne from that time.  During his past 30 years in dental practice he has completed many additional courses in the United States, Europe and of course, Australia.

Gentle Dental Care – a healthy body requires a healthy mouth

Choosing a health care provider is one of the most important decisions you can make.  We have created this website for both current and prospective patients.  It includes specific information on our dental practice and our staff along with general information.

On your first visit

We like to make you feel comfortable and at ease, so we have a welcoming reading room for you to sit down, relax, browse through our collection of books and help yourself to some tea, coffee, cordial or fruit at our Refreshment Bar.  Friends and family are also welcome to make use of this area while they wait.


When you first visit, our receptionist will welcome you and show you around our rooms.  Initiallt we will record all of your medical history in the privacy of our Homecare Room.  Gathering this information is primarily for your safety as we want to ensure that any following treatment is suitable for you.

We like to start off with a “New Client Examination” which is an hour long appointment – unless of course your visit is due to an emergency.  In this consultation we like to hear any concerns that you may have about your oral care and how you would like us to help you in the future.

Generally we will take a set of x-rays – unless for naturopathic reasons you specifically wish not to.  Why x-rays? Because that is the best way that we can clearly see what is happening between your teeth, under your fillings and the level of bone tissue around the roots of your teeth.  Thus, they make our work easier and more accurate and are invaluable tools for a thorough diagnosis.

This is all a part of a detailed examination of your mouth. If necessary, we take close up photos of your mouth with an industry specific Acucam that can produce printouts instantly.

We will then spend some time with you talking about our findings in relation to your previous requests and concerns.  Genrally, we are able to offer you a number of treatment alternatives that vary with regard to durability, cost, time needed and aesthetic value.  We can then come up with an outline for a treatment plan which is specifically built around your individual wants and the current  situation in your mouth.

However you choose to proceed, when this session with us ends, you will have a great deal more knowledge about your mouth and what your future options are.

For more information please contact us. 
Dr Mike Lambourne
Glen Iris Dental
2 Hyslop Street
Glen Iris, Melbourne
Phone: 03 9889 4676 and 9809 1925

We are available by appointment Monday – Thursday from 8.30am – 5.30pm.

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Surgery Location

Dr Mike Lambourne
2 Hyslop Street
Glen Iris Vic 3146

Phone 03 9889 4676
and 03 9809 1925

Gentle Dental Care – a healthy body requires a healthy mouth

Gentle Dental Care

We specialise in gentle, dental care and cater for cowards!

Our focus is on healthy mouths and you receive the most appropriate treatment program for your individual needs.